Japanese Massage (Shiatzu) or Thai Massage

Japanese Massage (Shiatzu) or Thai Massage

Shiatsu is a type of Japanese bodywork that uses ideas from traditional Chinese medicine. Tokujiro Namikoshi made shiatsu popular in the 20th century. It comes from an older Japanese massage method called anma.

Journey into the heart of authentic wellness with Acubreathing- Acupuncture's specialized Japanese Shiatsu and Thai Massage services. Right in Liverpool, experience these clothes-on treatments that seamlessly blend acupressure and dynamic stretching techniques for utmost rejuvenation. Highlighting the body's intricate pressure points (see our male-focused image for reference), we invite you to indulge in a massage experience that resonates with traditional wisdom and modern understanding. Keep your shirt on and let our expert hands guide you to holistic relaxation


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